Turku Touring Pyöräily 14.8.2022

Turku Touring Pyöräily on Sunday 14.8.2022

Register for the event https://tuul.tapahtumiin.fi/fi/

Turku Touring Pyöräily is a 20-year-old classic one-day cycling event in Turku, Finland. The event brings together cyclist from all over Finland to see the beaty of Finland Proper. We offer 4 different cycling tours: T30, T60, T120 and T250. You can find more information on the tours from here.

 The only obligatory device is your helmet and your bike. 

 Our 4 cycling tours are approximately 30, 60, 120, 250 kilometers long. We offer food stops on every tour and a warm food at the finish. The event centre is located near the cathedral of Turku. 

Registering is open until 12.8. After then you can register yourself or claim your number at Vanha Suurtori on saturday between 12-18. You can also do that on sunday 14.8. 30 minutes before the start.

T250 start at 8 am
T60 & T120 start at 11 am
T30 start at 12

Feel free to contact us at turkutour@turunurheiluliitto.fi if any questions rose.